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Reviews released 0.1.5 on PyPi

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Reviews is a terminal UI Dashboard for monitoring requests for code review across several Github repositories and pull requests.

It's been a personal project I've been incrementally adding to over the past few weeks and it's been paying off 10x. In a normal workweek, it can be time-consuming to keep on top of several teams, across several repositories, and track who needs a code review, and which code reviews are complete and ready to ship.

In the latest release, it's even easier to see which pull requests you have approved, and which have been approved by others.


If you are interested in using the TUI, want to check it out, or even contribute the source code is freely available on Github ( and it can be installed directly from PyPI.

Want to get started right away? Check out the following snippet:

export GITHUB_USER="your-github-username"
export GITHUB_TOKEN="your personal github token used for interacting with the API"
export REPOSITORY_CONFIGURATION="apoclyps/reviews"

pip install --upgrade reviews

reviews dashboard --no-reload
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Release discussion and changelog on Github:

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