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Announcing Appwrite One-Click Droplets on DigitalOcean

Appwrite is an open-source back-end-as-a-service that abstracts all the complexity of building a modern application by providing you with a set of REST APIs for your core back-end needs. Appwrite takes the heavy lifting for developers and handles user authentication and authorization, databases, file storage, cloud functions, Webhooks, and much more!

Appwrite can be self-hosted on your own server with Docker installed using a command.

docker run -it --rm \
    --volume /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock \
    --volume "$(pwd)"/appwrite:/usr/src/code/appwrite:rw \
    --entrypoint="install" \
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This gives you everything you need to get started quickly when building one or more projects. If you're not used to self-hosting, or you're more comfortable with an already hosted solution, this may be a bit of a challenge. In order to make deploying and using Appwrite easier for developers of any skillset, we're happy to announce availability of One-Click Droplets in the DigitalOcean Marketplace!

Appwrite on DigitalOcean

Now you can spin up a fully-hosted Appwrite instance in a DigitalOcean droplet with a production-ready environment.

To setup your Appwrite instance:

First, visit the Appwrite Droplet in the DigitalOcean Marketplace:

Sign up or sign in to your DigitalOcean account. Next, choose a plan for your droplet. An Appwrite instance can be run on as little as 1 CPU and 2GB RAM.

Basic Plan Options

Next, choose an SSH key or a root password.

And click the Create Droplet to launch the creation of your Droplet with Appwrite configured. The process of creating the droplet only takes a few minutes and then you can access your Appwrite instance by the IP address.

If you connect your domain to your droplet, when you access your droplet using the domain, an SSL certificate is generated and configured for you automatically!

We're always looking at ways to lower the friction to get up and running so developers can focus on building cool projects 😎.

Appwrite Dashboard

Interested in learning more? Join us on April 06, 2022 at 11 am ET on the DigitalOcean Tech Talk channel as we build a real-time chat application using ReactJS and Appwrite! Click here to get more information about the event!

Learn More

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intermundos profile image

Very nice! Does the droplet includes database? How does it work?

Many thanks!

eldadfux profile image
Eldad A. Fux

Yes, Appwrite 1-click setup will include a built-in configured MariaDB + Redis for caching and performance boosting.

intermundos profile image

Toda Eldad! :)

remiferland profile image
Remi Ferland

appwrite seems to have been removed from the marketplace, sad :(

candiroy profile image
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I just installed Appwrite on my server, and I have to admit it is sooo useful. - Best astrologer in Dubai

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