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re: Anyone else intolerant of html inside javascript? yes i mean React
Here 🙋🏻‍♂️. I don't like jsx neither react
re: Introducing DeckDeckGo: the web open source editor for presentations
Awesome project. I use Google drive for everything and now ...
re: What Does Your IDE/Code Editor Look Like?
Editor: Gvim Theme: One Dark Font: Fira Mono Shell: Zsh w...
re: What is your favourite Git command?
alias nah="git clean -df && git checkout -- ."
re: Is there a future for the Atom editor?
Sounds interesting. thanks!
re: Is there a future for the Atom editor?
I use and will use atom until the end of its days. When that ...
re: How many computer devices do you own?
2012 Dell inspiron (stills turn on) w/ dual boot Windows 1...
re: What are you "old enough to remember" in software development?
I'm not too old, but in school while learning about program...
re: Don't Do It “Because Google Does It”
re: How often do you switch your distro?
At the beginning I used to switch distros maybe every month...
re: Bad Habits Developers Should Fix
Great post. I love it
re: Microsoft bought GitHub? How's that going to affect text editors?
I'm switching to Vim in case Atom dies... Or maybe buy a su...
re: Efficent webhook handling with Ruby on Rails
Sure, I need to implement Signature check
re: Why (I think) "Cost of Living" pay for remote workers is BS.
I know that feel. And your are lucky for working in a forei...
re: Choosing PHP in 2018
I really love Laravel, it's a beautiful monument of softwar...
re: Why I Deleted My IDE; and How It Changed My Life For the Better
I dropped IDE's years ago, Now I only need Atom and Vim to ...
re: Can I see your terminal?
iTerm2 with ZSH. Color palette is Dracula "Theme": From My ...
re: How to undo the last commit
You can undo the latest commit with git reset --soft HEAD^ ...
re: Building a Command-Line Interface with Ruby
Best pic ever
re: What kind of programmer are you?
You are so RIGHT!
re: What kind of programmer are you?
Don't worry about that. I learned something. I feel nervous...
re: What kind of programmer are you?
Thanks for your comment Jason
re: What kind of programmer are you?
If I have to, or someone else, classify the kind of develop...
re: What kind of programmer are you?
You don't have to use "him/her" you can always just use th...
re: Can you guess what the most popular search term on dev.to is so far this year?
Laravel has been gaining popularity in Mexico in the last t...
re: What's your favorite Editor theme?
I use Dracula everywhere
re: Vue.js, I choose you!
Something I love from Vue is that you can write code in van...
re: How do you learn a new programming language?
Same, I prefer to Lear docs and API... Build something and ...
re: Juniors Literally Can't Write Switch Statements: What Senior PHP Developers Need to Focus On
Code is like philosophy, you should read as much of it as ...
re: Tools that make me fast and productive
Same, I tried with vscode but I saw it like a ugly copy of ...
re: Finding Fibonacci In Golden Trees
Wow more fibonacci love!
re: What are the most interesting, readable software books?
I loved reading Refactoring Ruby Edition
re: My Favorite Git Helpers
grm seems so great! I will give a try
re: Sorting Out The Basics Behind Sorting Algorithms
Great article!!! Thanks!
re: Teaching My Kids Linux
Well, for simple things He use ruby. I have configured all th...
re: Teaching My Kids Linux
I have the reversed case... I teach my father how to use Linu...