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Even more things that you can do now that you’re stuck at home

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Stuck home because of COVID-19? Or, really, for any ol’ reason — and you are wondering what to do?

Learn something new! Develop your skills! Start a business! The options are pretty much endless. And, best yet — you can keep your social distance. 😷

Previously, I brought you a Curated list of things you can do now that you‘re’ stuck at home. This was only the tip of the iceberg. Now, I bring to you even more things that you can do now that you are stuck at home!

Keep track of friends with Alias

Alias is like the social networks of social networks. With Alias, you list all of your social media presences and share with friends. What a great way to see what other social media outlets your friends are on and spend hours stalking… er… catching up with friends! 👩‍💻

Get in shape and track your progress with Hevy

It’s not recommended to go to the gym during the coronavirus pandemic. But, you can still work out and get in shape! Keep track of your social distanced workout routines with Hevy. Best yet, you can stay connected with your workout buddies and see how they are doing with their own workouts. 🏋🏻‍♂️

Revise your debt payoff strategy with Cinch Metrics

No more excuses! You have been putting it off for a while now and now is the time to look at your mortgages and loans and see how you can pay them off and save money by cutting down interest payments. Cinch Metrics will analyze your loans and recommend repayment plans that save you in the long run. 📈

Reduce your email clutter with Clean Email

If you’re like me, you have years of useless emails cluttering up your email accounts. Clean Email analyzes your emails, categorizes them, and makes recommendations on emails you can nix. They also offer a service to auto unsubscribe from likely SPAM. Make your email inboxes clean again! (Or, clean for the very first time… 😂)

Write your anthem with Songcraft

Do you have a song in your heart? Write it down with Songcraft and let the whole world experience your rock anthem. Who knows — maybe you’ll write the first coronavirus song that goes viral! 👨‍🎤🎶

Create your own personal website with Zyro

Now that you have plenty of fine-tuned skills that you’ve developed, it’s time to create a website and show the whole world what you have been up to. Zero get’s you started crafting beautiful websites in less than an hour. 🕸

Journal your habits with ManyHats

With all the free time you can certainly work on changing some bad habits over to good habits. ManyHats mobile app is the perfect spot to make goals, track your progress, journal with words and pictures, and gauge your mood. Let ManyHats help make a better you. 💪🏽

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