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Curated list of things you can do now that your stuck at home

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During the height of the current Coronavirus / COVID-19 pandemic, you are likely finding yourself at home more often, not going out as much, and are wondering what to do to occupy your time. ⏳

Yes - you can certainly play video games 🕹 or watch Netflix 📺 to pass the time. However, this is the perfect opportunity to do something different, learn some new skills, and better yourself!

Here is a curated list, pulled from That App Show, of things that you can do from the safety of your home that will give you some marketable skillz. 🔥

#1 — Learn to code

There are plenty of websites that teach you how to learn how to code. And, developing coding skills is probably one of the most marketable and return on time investments things you can be doing for yourself right now!

Zappy Code

Zappy Code has hours of online course that will get you on your way learning how to code up some awesome iOS apps. The courses are very in-depth and mainly focused on Swift language development right now, which will get you on your way to creating delightful iPhone apps. Plus, the “zanniness” of the lessons makes learning to code super fun!


ColtXP is a platform where you can meet more senior-level software developers and work on open-source projects with them. Often, the best way to really learn is to code up some real-world examples and using real-world methods. ColtXP brings the master and the padawan together and makes both parties all the better for it.


Alpas is a new, Kotlin-based web framework that is super powerful and super easy to get started on. Checkout the quick-start guide to create a to-do app or go a step further and checkout the Fireplace tutorial to learn more about some of Alpas’s advanced features, such as user authentication.


If you zoom past the above 3, then add some beautification and dashboard goodness to your new project with FlatLogic. Choose from dozens of beautifully crafted dashboard templates and add some sparkle to your app.

#2 — Learn to market

Become a marketing hacker and learn how to grow a product or your own personal brand.


Do you have some old, funny home videos that you want to share out with the world and get some YouTube internet $$$? Make sure they stand out with eye-catching video thumbnails. reThumbnail helps you design thumbnails that will prompt visitors to click on your video over others.


Get on the TikTok craze! Pentos is one of the few apps that provide you with great insights on how TikTok videos are performing, what types of videos are going viral, and how you can better market a brand on this exploding new social platform. Why not makes some TikTok videos and see if you can find the secret formula for going viral?!


You will likely be glued to your phone during this time anyways. Well, let’s be honest, who isn’t always glued to their phone? A key metric that sales and marketing professionals constantly want to know is “are people looking at my email?” Inview provides you with insights on who views your emails (send from your phone) and what they click on.

#3 — Become a sommelier

Since your home, why not have wine sent to your door so you can refine your wine-tasting-buds? Yea — this category is more for fun. But, just because your home, doesn’t mean you don’t need breaks while learning how to be a coding and marketing guru! Plus, if you enjoy it enough, you can earn good money being a sommelier. 😍

The Wine List

Have bottles of craft wine you cannot find in the neighborhood store sent directly to your door.

Buy The Glass

Don’t want to commit to a whole bottle? No problem! Buy The Glass let’s you pick single-serve sized wines so you can convert your kitchen counter into your very own wine tasting table. 🍷

I hope you enjoyed the list! Please feel free to comment and add some other suggestions. Please be safe and be healthy. 🙏

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