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Arunoda Susiripala
Arunoda Susiripala

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If you are using Lighthouse, think about this

Lighthouse is a tool that comes with Chrome, which we often use to analyze a website for performance, SEO, best practices, etc.

Recently, I discover a trend among developers who want to get the top score for their websites. Or they expect websites to have a 100% score.

So, I want to understand whether it's a good idea to optimize our apps for Lighthouse or not. Then I ran Lighthouse on a set of popular websites I use every day. Here's the result.

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Pacharapol Withayasakpunt

I just fear that it might affect SEO..

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Arunoda Susiripala

I think Google seems to use page speeds for SEO ranking algorithem.
But it's just a one factor.

And not all the pages needs to optimize for SEO.