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New Product Launch – Shopify Magento 2 Integration

Shopify Magento 2 Integration differs from others in that it connects two completely separate frameworks. Yes, you read that correctly. You may effortlessly benefit from two separate worlds at the same time by using this innovative product. It will also eliminate any difficulties or mistakes you may have had when selling in two different stores.
Shopify Magento 2 Integration.

Features of Shopify Magento 2 Extension

  • Order Import:
    The addon allows sellers to easily import all of their orders from their Shopify site and transfer them to their M2 store. As a result, they can manage all orders from one location.

  • Order Status Update:
    This extension can also be used by sellers to change the status of Magento 2 orders in their Shopify stores. As a result, order information is consistent across both platforms, reducing the risk of errors.

  • Shipment Tracking:
    Sellers can also use this Magento2 Shopify extension to communicate all shipment tracking information from their Magento 2 store to their Shopify store.

  • Order Refund and Canceling:
    Sellers can update their Shopify store with all refund-related facts and order cancelation statuses that they got from their Magento store.

  • Inventory Sync:
    You may connect Magento 2 inventories to your Shopify store with this Shopify Integration extension. As a result, the figures in both stores are identical.

The best extension to explore both platforms is Shopify Magento integration. With easy, assist in considerably increasing sales. This extension is used to divert their attention away from order and store-related issues and simplify a complicated process.

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