Building a Wikipedia App Using React Hooks and Auth0

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React Hooks have become very popular over the past few months, and for good reason. In one of my previous articles, I demonstrated how you can build an entire group chat application using React Hooks in just 100 lines of code!

React Hooks can be a powerful addition to your application, however, implementing authentication and authorization on your own can still be tricky. Thanks to Auth0, you can implement it mostly out-of-the-box with just a little effort from your side! Auth0 is a managed authentication platform that provides connections to all of the major social media logins such as Twitter, Google, and Facebook.

This article demonstrates the power that React Hooks and Auth0 add to your application. In the course of this article, you will see how both React Hooks and Auth0 can help you build a fully functional Wikipedia-like application. If you'd like to skip ahead, you can view the final code in this GitHub repository.

This post is built upon this very well-written article by Bruno Krebs. It is recommended that you read that first before moving further.

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Auth0 offers an identity and access management solution that works out of the box from day one, with the ability to customize, extend, and build new features when you need them. Identity might be complex, but dealing with it shouldn’t be.


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