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How to automate your job search and find a job 3x fast (Yes it is true)


George here!

I wanted to introduce our startup Loopcv which automates the job search and job application process!

1) You upload your cv
2) You set your job search criteria
3) We Loop daily to find you new matches
4) Once we find a new match, we send an email directly to the company!
5) You get emails and interviews automatically

Check it here:

Feel free to send your feedback!

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Mike Peters • Edited

This is an interesting idea. I like your description of how it works. But in addition to searching for relevant offers on the Internet (by the way, this can be done quickly online using job search resources such as this one ), you also need to write an impressive resume, pass an interview online or in person at the company's office, and only after that you may get a job. Doesn't sound easy, does it?

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Srinivas Kadiyala

The call to action button text Get Started for free does not appear correct.