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Building an Animal Crossing Turnip Timer! [video]

chloecondon profile image Chloe Condon 🎀 ・1 min read

Have you started playing Animal Crossing New Horizons on your Nintendo Switch? Do you keep forgetting to buy turnips every Sunday? Looking for a fun & easy project that will help remind you when to start searching for Daisy Mae? 🤔💰📈

No problem! We made a Courier + Azure Function problem to solve that!

On this episode of Show & Tell, Aydrian Howard (Developer Advocate at Courier, and friend of Chloe irl and in Animal Crossing) joins me to talk all about our latest collab- an Animal Crossing Turnip Timer! 🏝 Using the power of Azure Functions & Courier- we talk through the high highs ("yay!! it's working!!") and the low lows ("noooo- not timezone/UTC math!?!") of building a project to help us remember when to purchase our turnips on Sundays.

👉 You can learn how to work with Azure Functions in this free and easy MSLearn tutorial here! 🌈 Execute an Azure Function with triggers

Wanna try out Courier to help simplify designing and sending notifications? 💌📱📫 Check them out at https://bit.ly/3iQR5Pe

Want more Animal Crossing content? You're in luck! Check out our previous episode with Brendon North of the Nintendo Nerds to see his Animal Crossing Game Show Set here! 🎨🕹🏝👉Brendon North Shows Chloe An Animal Crossing Game Show Set!

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