Use Your Voice Effectively for Impactful Presentations

John Papa on March 21, 2019

Using Your Voice as a Storyteller Are you a storyteller on stage? Do you want to engage and inspire your audience in a comfortable and... [Read Full]
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Oh boy I got a big presentation comin up in a month and my nerves are trembling like a tuning fork. I am looking forward to your posts.


Great series coming! I'm looking forward for it!
Thanks for sharing knowledge and experience :)


Thanks - hopefully you find these tips to be useful


Thanks! I believe also knowing what is happening inside your throat could help you to be more confident when you are on stage. I have been taking singing lessons for a while now, and sometimes in this path you learn that in order to create an atmosphere o a concrete sensation, you might be using a wrong technique, and you need to use something else to create that thing you were looking for. Lowering your larynx, nasality, mask and pharyngeal resonance, twang... there's a lot to learn!
I hope this helps too!


Giving my first conference talk at the end of May. Looking forward to your insight!


👍🏽You're spot on with focusing on one aspect at a time. I started my public speaking journey a few years ago and still need to focus on just one thing at a time. :)

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