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Introducing myself

Hey there,

A while ago I joined and I like it. Now it is time to introduce myself.

I am the developer

I am c++ software developer based in Germany. My career started almost 4 years ago. Before that I studied physical engineering, which was really great. As I liked to develop software already before I started with physics I was able to get a developer role after my final degree. As I am passionate about developing software, that is why I stayed as a developer until now. Beside C++ I do some stuff in python, but to be honest I would like to get more deep into a more modern compiled language, like kotlin, scala or golang.

I always try to keep me learning new technologies and languages. I like how technologies are growing and how they are developed.

I am the human

Right now my life is changing a lot and somehow this post is not unrelated to that. I liked to do side projects in my spare time. As we are getting older and get more private responsibility I don't have time to focus on them.
Three month ago my second child was born and that changed my life more than my first child. Already my first child move that "focus", but there was still time to handle side projects.
In general I don't participate in any forum/social media. But as I started to read a lot of posts here ( and like the more nerdy stuff, I decided to give it a try and participate instead of only leeching.

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Jean-Michel (double agent)

Hello b2aff6009
Congrats for getting your first post out of the door.

Do you plan to write other articles?