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ChatGPT can draw system architecture diagrams using mermaid

Turns out that ChatGPT can draw system architecture diagrams for it's suggestions using mermaid.js

I asked ChatGPT for some system architecture advice for monitoring some windows and linux on-prem servers my company runs using this prompt:

... (conversation including details on my goals)
draw a system architecture design using mermaid and markdown

Here is the design ChatGPT produced:

graph LR
    A[VPN] --> B[On-Prem Windows]
    A --> C[On-Prem Linux]
    A --> D[Docker Containers]
    B --> E{Prometheus}
    C --> E
    D --> E
    E --> F[Grafana]
    G[User] --> F
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system architecture diagram by chatgpt

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darrinm profile image
Darrin Massena

Doesn’t seem to work with gpt-4. :(

johannes_k_rexx profile image

Confirmed! How did you ever come to realize that ChatGPT could output Mermaid diagrams? Thanks for sharing this.