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Baby Steps In C Programming

Palash Bauri 👻 on August 19, 2018

C is one of most used Programming language till date. It is one of the most powerful language and mother of many modern Programming language (eg.... [Read Full]
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Well, you asked for it.

It is (...) mother of many modern Programming language (eg. Python , Ruby)

C is not the "mother" of Python and Ruby. Both are rather Lisp-like.

C programs must be translated from human readable code to machine readable code.

No, there are C interpreters.


This is not recommended. You should add a space before the <.

main() is a special function , in every program this function is executed first.

Not necessarily. In WinAPI applications, WinMain() can be used, in other applications you can (probably) tell the linker where to start.

And this () parentheses help Compilers identify that it is a function.


() is the lazy form of (void), it tells the compiler that this method does not have any parameters. (Which, strictly spoken, is not even true either. main() has two default parameters, int argc and char** argv. You can omit them if you don't need them, but your operating system will pass them to your application anyway.)

we'll find { a curly brace , it denotes the begining of a function

... and every other block which spans more than one line.


mother of many modern Programming language (eg. Python , Ruby)

I think him is refer to the main and first interpreters written in C:

Python -> CPython
Ruby -> Ruby MRI, YARV


Thank You For Pointing my faults, i learnt a lot.
Thank You.

I'll fix it but for now i think it would a good idea to unpublish it.


That's up to you. :-)

it just needs a good teacher to explain everything.



I was able to follow your instructions in the article and got the program to compile correctly on Thanks for that bit of info. I am always looking for a good way to practice online.

Keep going. Keep writing. Keep learning. I liked the article.


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