re: New Feature: Personal Configuration (sans serif fonts/night mode beta) VIEW POST

re: Putting that directly into the HTML wouldn't work per se, but along the lines of my initial implementation, this should work if done along the line...

And congrats on the new job Andrew!

Another question we need to ask is will users be able to set all the variables themselves or just have a few premade themes to choose from?

There are bits that won't look quite right with this implementation but if people raise issues saying, 'this bit looks off', it will be easy enough to track down the style and sort it.

Thank you, it's my first 'real' development job, better late than never 😀

I think we can build towards letting folks set their own variables, but let's start by collectively working towards a shared concept of night mode and open things up once we've crossed that bridge.

A full fledged theme editor! DEV brings back Myspace 🤣

Is the dark theme somewhere on github, so I can edit it?

Oh, found it


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