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🔥 Firebase: Staging & Production Projects

In this sub-post, I'll walk through setting up a project in Firebase. The best way to create a production & staging environment for a new project in Firebase is to simply create two projects:

  1. your-project-staging
  2. your-project-production

1. Create a project

Firebase – empty dashboard

Firebase – new project

Firebase – project dashboard

2. Add a web app

Firebase – new web app

3. Enable email/password authentication

Firebase – auth empty

Firebase – auth enable

4. Set up Firestore

Firebase – Firestore empty

Firebase – Firestore init

Firebase – Firestore region

Run steps 1-4 twice, so that you end up with 2 projects:

Firebase – 2 projects

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John McDonald

following the whole guide for next, zeit (vercel) and firebase! Thanks!

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