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Nevertheless, Pikachu! Coded in 2021!

My most recent achievement was… I will be speaking at Microsoft Reactor TelAviv. It's not an achievement yet, but that's how I view my achievements; my next big thing!

Advocating for myself looks like… creating. Building and breaking code or designs or communities gives me confidence and (re)builds up my self-esteem.

My biggest goal is… my mission. Recreating stories, enhancing lives. We'll definitely need another blog post to dive into this.

My advice for allies to support underrepresented folks who code is... create. Create the space you want to be. Create the future you want to see :).

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Yash Jain

Heyy Pikachu, I would love to collaborate on enabling deep learning models as Api's, the thing that you are currently working on!

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yay, this would be awesom. I have been learning Django and will be happy to collaborate.