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I think this all comes down in regards to the product's presentation and stability of its core functions (if it's working as it should be, no bugs, etc.).

A product with their own domain will be preferred by more naturally since a product without a domain seems like a pet project (at first impression, anyway). Besides, having your own domain for your product already shows some form of dedication of how willing you go to develop it further.


I think if you working on some internal product of a company, like management tool, sales CRM, etc. for that particular product you can use a subdomain of that company.

But if you are developing a standalone product you should go for the main domain. Though some app use subdomain for sign in and register process but they do because they have to use those credentials for different domains, mainly country-based like, etc etc etc...


Yes,the one with sub-domains as it provides the easy understanding of different pages linked with the same domain name.

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