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A four pancake developer who loves ASP.Net Core and also dabbles in Angular from time to time. Quietly click clackin' away.

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Full Stack Software Engineer at University of North Florida

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Building Consistent RESTful APIs

Never heard of the UPDATE verb and don't see it in any spec...

The Myth of the T-Shaped Developer

😯😲😮😦😧😨😳🤑 Amazing

The Myth of the T-Shaped Developer

What did you use to make those charts?

Learn how YOU can convert your Objects between layers with Automapper, C#, .NET Core and VS Code

I recently found automapper and am really sold on the ease ...

Daily Developer Jokes - Monday, Jan 20, 2020

Too real

For the 1024 time – DateTime has no format!

What about JavaScript 😝

Should interviewees be allowed to search for answers?

Plenty of times...

Should interviewees be allowed to search for answers?

I work for a University and we let people use outside resou...

Which do you prefer? ESLint or Prettier or both?


4 Spaces or 2?


Nested Conditional Operators

Why shouldn't you?

How can we stop age discrimination in tech?

"the only way".... I think when people wake up and leave crap...

It's wrong to treat "Draft" mode as a state on the way to "Final"

In it's current state, they both sit in the same table, alo...

It's wrong to treat "Draft" mode as a state on the way to "Final"

As someone who just created a mass messaging app, I wish I ...

Keep your SQL database in sync with Google Sheets

This is such a hack. Kudos

Thoughts on GitHub Actions?

The newer cloud version is much less painful to implement.

How do you develop angular application with with different back-end technologies

To add to this, thinking of the front end and back end as t...

Dumb Breakthrough moment: JSON Object Array Access

I can't tell you how often people are tripped up on json re...

How do you shift between the coding mindset and other head spaces?

Isn't that a military thing?

Machine Learning Tutorial

Thanks for all the tips! Sci-kit has been really helpful.

Breaking up with JavaScript

Have you tried typescript? It makes JavaScript better. You ...

How do you name your devices?

Dinosaurs.... Made up dinosaurs. Lapasaurus, deskasaurus, m...

Do password rules impact security?

Also, I'm not sure were OP got 270x... Is my math wrong?

Do password rules impact security?

Right, but it's a trivial difference. A difference more tha...

Do password rules impact security?

Requiring one of each special character doesn't narrow the ...

Who's looking for open source contributors? (June 25 edition)

Is anyone writing anything with asp.net core an looking for...

Impact of org structure on development

I think understanding the differences between teams and wor...

The best Easter Egg you ever did leave

I agree with your side point, though it never seemed that i...

What kind of music do you listen to while working?

Pretty lights is a great to listen to while I'm coding. No ...

What is a website that you visit regularly despite its technical quality and user experience?

The bank that backs the Google store, synchrony, has the ab...

What's your favorite Editor theme?

All about monokai, and luckily almost every IDE has it bake...

19 Types of Developers Explained

Now where is my buzzfeed quiz to show me which one I am?