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📱 Two Faces of Google 🌗 Crackdown of CamScanner,UC and Cheetah 🚫

Recently, CamScanner has been discovered with an adware by Kaspersky, and it has been removed from the play store by google, but the company blamed it on their ads partner and now the app is back in store!!
This is not the first time a popular app is getting penalised by google.

On November 2017,

UC Browser has disappeared from the Google Play store. The Alibaba-owned mobile browser, which garnered more than 500 million downloads last month and has over 100 million users in India, is no longer visible on search - though other UCWeb applications - UC Browser Mini and UC News - still are. The development emerges months after the Chinese app had been accused of sending personal data of its Indian users to a server in China, and it's unclear for now what the reason for the removal is.

On December 2018

If you were, for some reason, hoping to download CM File Manager or Kika Keyboard, I have some bad news. A report last week claimed that Cheetah Mobile and an associated company called Kika Tech were engaged in some shady advertising practices, and now Google has responded. These two apps have been suspended from the Play Store, and Google may still take further action.
App analytics firm Kochava claimed last week that Cheetah Mobile and Kika both engaged in so-called "click fraud" by claiming credit for app installs even when they didn't show an ad. Cheetah Mobile blamed a third-party SDK for the issue, but Kochava says Cheetah develops the offending SDK. Google initiated an investigation following the report and has removed CM File Manager (cache) and Kika Keyboard (cache). Cheetah Mobile's file manager had more than 50 million downloads, and the keyboard was north of 100 million. Cheetah Mobile also voluntarily removed its Battery Doctor and CM Locker apps from the Play Store following the initial report.

.....and guess what???

All these apps owned by big companies have successfully made its way back to the app store.

Now coming to the other side,

Normal Publishers has to write a blog and if its gets enough coverage, it will get noticed by the team and they will restore it (if it doesn't violate any policies).

Google has terminated my activities and Google Play Developer Account

Google just deleted my nearly 10-year-old free & open-source Android app

These are some of the instances where indie developers accounts were banned for little/no reasons, and the biggies who got multiple strikes are having their accounts live. According to google, 2-3 strikes is all that needed to ban an account , still these big apps survives.

Recently,Youtube has also been accused of favouring celebrity channels and bend their rules for them, and google denied it

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