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How to prevent multiple socket connections and events in React

I implemented socket io as middleware, my problem with socket...

How to prevent multiple socket connections and events in React

@bravemaster619 I'm trying to use this strategy with a compl...

How you guys seek for help when the problem is domain specific?

Thank you @eruizdechavez ! I'm working on a side project and ...

The history of women in tech: changing the master narrative

I'm a big fan of Mary Poppendieck her book about lean softw...

Why we ditched story points to be more value-oriented

Excellent post! Thank you very much, certainly will help me...

What's the WORST thing about serverless?

Testing locally is almost impossible, then you need to crea...

What's the WORST thing about serverless?

In aws lambda is follow and search logs, I can't use cloudw...

What was your win this week?

Me too

How do you setup local development database?

Wow sounds like a really good strategy I will take a look t...

What was your win this week?

This week, I integrated an node js web application with ADF...

A junior, a mid and a senior dev walk into a bar

Really nice article!

How I stay productive in a big project

Nice recommendations, I will try using got stash and good p...

Good first steps for a JS style guide?

In our company StandardJS worked really well, no one needed...

Javascript Underdogs: Part 1 - The WeakMap

Nice post! Thanks

Implementing SOLID and the onion architecture in Node.js with TypeScript and InversifyJS

Extremely nice post! Well explained SOLID and onion archite...

Go functional with Java

Thanks I finnaly understood lambda functions in java! Nice ...

How to install Let's Encrypt SSL Certificate on Ubuntu and Nginx Server

Nice post, I use let's encrypt in production it's awesome.

What is a "box model" in UI element layout?

Nice post!, this kind of knowledge puts web developers on n...

Composing Elixir Plugs in a Phoenix application

This looks a lot like express middlewares for node js

What are the most interesting uses of SVGs you've seen?

I use in a multi tenant webchat, usually each tenant has it...

CSS... I had a problem with positioning

Nice post! Another great post is CSS box model

If you could make one of your tools your valentine, which one would it be? πŸ€”

Visual Studio Code

What language features/concepts do insiders of the language love and outsiders hate?

Groovy no return in last method line

What's your best dev pick-up line?

Girl are you CSS? Cause you got class

A toddlers guide to memory leaks in Javascript

Nice post! Chrome dev tools are awesome

Basic Routing, HTTP Requests, and CRUD Operation with Express and MongoDB

I have a question about partial updates how do you handle t...

Frontend+ Weekly No.1: The State of JavaScript Frameworks, Web Developer Roadmap - 2018

Awesome post, thanks for sharing!

πŸ“¦ Create Guten Block: Create React WordPress #GutenBlocks with Zero-Config JavaScript toolkit #0CJS

What is a gluten block?

Correct Answers Are Few and Far Between in Software Development

I didn't knew Joel test and your conclusion seems good than...

How Do You Teach Yourself After Reading Books for Beginners?

Amazing idea!

What tools do you use for programming? Like editors and environments?

Vs Code - for JS, TS projects Intelijidea - for Java and G...

Have a Handy JS Snippet You Want to Share?


What tools do you use for monitoring?

I use cloudwatch too integrated with slack for alarms

4 JavaScript Bundlers

Nice post! I will try parcel

What is it like to work for a startup?

For me its awesome, we built everything from nothing, and t...

What are your coffee habits?

Black no sugar please, i live in Brazil, here everything is...

When do you write your tests?

When i use TDD, me cycle of dev (code, test) is much more f...

What was the worst bug you've ever written?


What was the worst bug you've ever written?

I discovered Insert with multiple rows, tried insert 250k l...

Be good at one thing, not average at everything

Totally agree with you

Coding Livestreams

I would watch!

Be good at one thing, not average at everything

For me what is working is trying to be good on software dev...

I hate front-end build processes

I hate it too, I currently using Gulp with a ton of gulp s...

Do you have any technical books to recommend ?

I recommend extreme programming explained is an awesome boo...

Books I read in 2017

Great post!, i didnt knew the concept of "Cost of Delay" an...

Welcome Thread - v6

Hi I'm Bruno, 22 years old, I work on a startup of chatbots...

Must have extensions for VS Code (according to me)

Thanks for sharing I will ceartly install all tomorrow, for...

What I've learnt in the first six months of my internship.

Such great article Andrew, my path was the same and I'm on ...

How to debug in production

Nice to know my process of trying to reproduce bugs is same...

Backing Your Own CI in 5 minutes by using Sparrowdo, Sparky and Docker

Thanks for sharing

Some of the Best Coding Tools Aren't Coding Tools

Thanks for sharing