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Slideio - an open-source python library for reading of medical images

Slideio is an open-source python module for the reading of medical images. It allows reading of whole slides as well as any region of a slide. Large slides can be effectively scaled to a smaller size. The module uses internal zoom pyramids of images to make the scaling process as fast as possible. Slideio supports 2D slides as well as 3D data sets and time series.
The library delivers raster as numpy array and compatible with many popular image analysis libraries such as opencv.
Currently, it supports reading of Aperio SVS and AFI files, Zeiss CZI files and generic formats. Soon coming drivers for the following formats:

PerkinElmer images
Leica SCN images
DICOM datasets
Leica lif images
and more …
Home page: HTTP://
Source code:

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Great library! Could you please write me in telegram irinarinaf, I have some questions about it.

Thank you!

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