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MockIt: A tool to help developers mock endpoints

I would like to share with you an open source project I have been working on over the last month or so which can help developers mock HTTP endpoints.

The problem

When building applications you often need to interact with services. When the services are not ready to be consumed you have a few options:

  • Mock out the response with a JSON file
  • Create a mock service yourself
  • Use MockIt.

This solution

This tool was built and designed to help developers quickly create endpoints for their applications. No need to create a server or build the APIs, with docker you can run this project with one command.

With MockIt you can create, edit and manage routes to your API. Every change to the API will be reflected on the server and updated straight away (live reload).

MockIt comes with a few features out the box:

  • CORS
  • Basic Authentication
  • Chaos Monkey (Unleash a monkey to take down your endpoints)

If you want to know more about MockIt I have created a small introduction video for you (click on the image below)

Youtube Video

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