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Become a better Fronted Developer in 2022! πŸŽ†


No matter where you are in your software development journey, It’s always helpful to have a reference guide to help keep you on track!

A community effort by the name of has an exhaustive list of guides for multiple different paths into the software development world.

image of the different learning paths for developers in twenty twenty two. from left to right: frontend, backend, devops, react, angular, android, python, go, java, DBA

Becoming a better Frontend Developer

Let’s talk about the Frontend guide!

Image of the frontend developer roadmap

This guide can be broken down in to three main sections:

  • Core knowledge
  • Tools and frameworks
  • Native

Core knowledge covers topics such as knowledge of the web, HTML, CSS and Javascript. As well as other important topics such as web security and version control.

Tools and frameworks covers things like build tools, linters, frameworks such as ReactJS and NextJS.

Lastly, the Native section covers things like mobile and desktop applications.

Learning is subjective, especially with something as nuanced as web development. However, ideally, you should aim to work through each section in order, consolidating your knowledge into projects as you go.

This way, by the end of this roadmap, you will have an awesome skillset AND a portfolio to go along with it!

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