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Passion for Technology

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From Kodumaro, also in Medium.

Input Magazine vol. 1

I’ve seen a lot of job ads including the words “passionate about technology.” At first sight, it seems consistent, after all, who’d work with anything without enjoying it? The happier, the more productive, isn’t it?

However there’s a gotcha here.

Consistently and by definition, every tech-passionate workers has his/her technology to advocate for, and looks for issues that fit it. He/she isn’t interested in the problems, but in the solution. It’s called “silver bullet” – there’s no way being passionate without the passion object.

That mindset leads to more troubles than solutions.

By focusing on the problem, one can find the best solution for it. When technology’s on focus, it’s only possible to force the problem into the box, never really solving it.

Thus far, it’s way more productive not being tech-passionate, focusing on the real issues instead. Technology is a tool and shall be used by us, not the opposite.


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