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re: What's the one thing you always need to google?
re: Frontend or backend first?
Same, I've been taking this approach as of recently and thing...
re: Have any DEV design concepts or ideas?
Don't have any design ideas but how about one of those "dad...
re: Can you share your favorite quote or rule related to IT?
"Debugging is twice as hard as writing the code in the firs...
re: Working remotely as a junior developer
Thanks, appreciate the response
re: Types of Network Architecture
You are right.. edited!
re: What do you Google EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. and never just memorize?
ruby hashes lol
re: Is Programming for me?
Are you new to the game? I think alot of beginners can rela...
re: Helpful learning material for C++
wow didnt even see your question at the end there, so sorry...
re: Helpful learning material for C++
cool, I'll be sure to check them out... thanks!
re: Helpful learning material for C++
great! thanks
re: Helpful learning material for C++
ok will do, thanks!
re: 6 Months of Working Remotely Taught Me a Thing or Ten
Great write up Peter. As someone who eventually would like ...
re: Whats on your desk?
The fidget cube is a great idea that I definitely have to t...
re: What have you been meaning to do but haven't gotten around to?
Unit tests for the side project I'm working on. Every week ...
re: What tool/framework/cms/etc do you use to build your own personal website?
lol @ the "Here is a link to nothing: localhost:3000"
re: Learning from the top 10 mistakes developers make
This is a great list, I throughly enjoyed reading it. Much...
re: How do you stay focused at work?
I think this is a common thing for most people. Usually I ...
re: Why I switched from Atom to Visual Studio Code
Been using VS Code for the last two days now, and I loveeee...
re: You will suck at blogging, but that's OK!
Nice blog post! Always told myself as an aspiring developer...
re: How did you get into programming in the first place?
On LinkedIn my job description was front end manager at a s...