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School is just a few days away and I'll be learning c++ this semester. Of course to excel in my class I'm gonna be doing some coding on my own. I just wanna see if you guys know of any good c++ tutorials or resources to further help me in my studies. Thanks!


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This might answer your questions where to begin: blog.tartanllama.xyz/learning-cpp/

In addition to what Simon writes there, feel free to ping me directly (via Twitter or the email form on my blog), e.g. if you have specific questions.


ok will do, thanks!


Look no further than The C++ Programming Language by Bjarne Stroustrup, the designer and original implementer of C++.


Agreed - if you have not already found it check this out: stroustrup.com/Programming/ there are some links to downloadable content - can't go wrong by learning from the creator.
What does your dev env look like?
I use Cygwin gcc with Eclipse and NetBeans IDEs.


wow didnt even see your question at the end there, so sorry.

I'm on a mac and from what I've seen online, xcode is the way to go.

Wrote the famous "Hello world" program today in xcode and so far so good...


great! thanks


cool, I'll be sure to check them out... thanks!