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Ilê Caian
Ilê Caian

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Eryn - React Native Template

Always starting a project with React Native leads me to make some changes and make choices on how it should be structured. In general, I think in:

  • Directories Structure
  • Common Libraries
  • Libraries Configuration

Even tho some choices can vary between projects, some of them are constant. I noticed then that I could create a template for making life easier and simple, yet still keep offering a place for dealing with the different kinds of projects that could appear.

I also noticed that I could create a "foundation" for all those who also wanted to use this template at this peak, leaving the project and architectural choices with documentation and some more general Q&A about my vision related to the project structure.

So, I present you 🌲Eryn Template! A React Native Template that could be used directly with the CLI and gives you the support to scale your application and let it open to community contributions! Use it with the command:

$ npx react-native init MyProject --template react-native-template-eryn
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Karran Besen

Awesome project!