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Connecting bSQL to Tableau!

One of the advantages of the bSQL language is that it's both immutable relational. Other ledger database technologies are modifications on document storage. While they may be "SQL compliant" to some degree, these implementations are non-native and lack complex query features and optimization.

SQL-based technologies, such as Tableau, use SQL to query data. There is immense value in using live database connections. I'll be going over how to connect a bSQL instance to Tableau.


Download the JDB Driver

The bSQL JDBC driver can be found on the Maven Central Repository here. You will need to download the latest version as a .jar file.

Download the .taco custom connector

In order to connect your bSQL instance to Tableau you need the bsql_jdbc connector. This connector allows for live communication between your bSQL instance and Tableau Desktop. It can be downloaded from the bSQL documentation.

Configuring Tableau Desktop

Tableau desktop can be configured to use custom connectors.

  • Copy the connector you downloaded into your My Tableau Repository/Connectors directory.
  • Place the .jar file in the folder for your operating system.
    • Windows: C:\Program Files\Tableau\Drivers
    • Mac: ~/Library/Tableau/Drivers
    • Linux: /opt/tableau/tableau_driver/jdbc

Ready to connect

Now when you start Tableau Desktop there should be an option for bSQL: bsql_jdbc. If the option doesn't show up, double check the file path in which you placed the connector.

bSQL tableau connector

After choosing the connector, this should open the connection dialogue. From here you can specify the bSQL instance you wish to connect to.

bSQL connection dialogue


  • In the run initial SQL pane you can add bSQL specific features such as setting the state of the database you want to work by using SET TRANSACTION QUERY TIME
  • Using the New Custom SQL we can generate views on lifetime attributes of tables. For instance, creating.

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