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Charles D. Villard
Charles D. Villard

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What's your annual self-review like?

I've been lucky enough to hit my one-year work anniversary this month as a developer for Tenet Partners. It's been a great experience, and I'm learning more every day. Looking back though, I can't help but be my own worst critic. I kind of want to give myself a review on what I did wrong, and I plan on doing that, but it got me wondering. Do other developers do the same? What are some of things you guys take note of if you do? What are some steps you typically take to handle common issues, like timeliness on deliverables, and how do you implement them?

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Liza Shulyayeva

We do self-reviews as part of our company annual review process, in addition to getting reviews from managers and peers. Though it isn't so focused on what we "did wrong" exactly. We cover everything from what we feel we did right to points of improvement for the next year, things we should do more of, goals, etc. Of course this is not the only time I reflect on my own performance, this is just the most structured self-review of the year.