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I'm a creator with multiple personalities in this order: Developer, Designer, Writer. Not a multiple personality disorder. I do quite a number of things, passionately. I am a lover of startups.


Did 5years+ trying to grab a B. Sc. Inc. - consequently I gave it up.


Developer/Designer at Freelancing since 2012

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5 Things I Learned by Asking Developers One Question

Beautiful takes

⏰ How to nail time estimations

Man, you're spitting fire!

Self Care isn’t Selfish ❤️ Mental Health Tips for the Winter months (in a Global Pandemic)

Thanks for these tips, much appreciated.

The Art of War - How to Beat the Bugs, Faster and Harder

Well written.

How to Give Good Compliments

Homework challenge accepted, 'gon start by complementing this...

Impostor Syndrome: The Biggest Enemy to Your Progress is Your Ego


An Easy Trick to Stop Apologising

Nowadays I'm beginning to read pieces on this platform that g...

I Wish I Never Learned to Code

Splendid read.

How I remember everything I learn

Cool, I use keepnotes and I think I have found this your reve...

What are the worst nightmares for devs? 🎃

Losing interest in a project halfway due to the client's devi...

Linux Vs Windows - Why Linux Is Better For Programming & Web Dev (A newbie experience)

Subscription is done.

Should I leave my current job during this time of pandemic?

Try speaking to the administrative board about it. if that d...

Some Lesser Known But Awesome Online Tools For Web Development

Thank you for this!

Top 10 Pieces of Advice for Becoming the Worst Developer Possible

Thanks for these tips, they're golden.

Ten Tips for Becoming an Elite Developer

Checked your profile and went; yeah right! You really are a ...

I was emailed after abandoning a registration form. I did not click Submit. This is not ok.

You're right, this doesn't sit well. Good ethics that support...

Don't sell yourself short

Nice post, a splendid read it was.

Don't sell yourself short

Thank you for this.

How I Learned GraphQL Thinking Like a 5 yr old

Absolutely captain, less is more.

Drawing Homer Simpson using circles in CSS

Nice one chief. By the wayside: on line 32 of the css, cha...

How To Build A Blog With Gatsby and Netlify


How do you deploy your apps?

🤗My pleasure. Thank you too for the platform thread to expr...

How To Build A Blog With Gatsby and Netlify

Static blog, how do you update? A new commit/deploy every t...

The Night Before Code Freeze

Good Lord!!! I love this on a 100+ a million!!! And then a...

How do you deploy your apps?

Okay, y'all are saying a whole lot that's seeming alien but...

Three Tips for Building Profitable Side Projects

Well done sir, and this is a great read. I just signed up o...

CSS can do that?

Don't I just love this lady already, thank you for the new ...

Do You Remember Your First Coding Experience?

Thank you. It helps in getting over rough times and staying s...

Do You Remember Your First Coding Experience?

2011, I had just stopped staying with mom and dad, 14 years o...

I left my job today after 7 years


20 VS Code Extensions You'll Actually Use

Faster Coding '1' - you wrote "CSS Peak" instead of *CSS P...

Retired, Apparently

That's not too bad, though too much of it is, just try keep...

Welcome Thread - v28


Welcome Thread - v28

Hello all, I got here in my quest for a lair to scourge for...

Having a Good Relationship with CSS

"Nothing beats practice". APT Well written, good read.

Retired, Apparently

You drink too much what?

Retired, Apparently