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Create a Custom JavaScript Audio Player with playlist & visualizer

Originally published here on YouTube.
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Get the source code here:

The visualisations article on MDN:

00:42 Setup
02:52 Creating elements
08:49 Hooking up playback
15:46 Styling the player
21:20 Adding the viusalizer
30:58 Customising the visualiser

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So in this JavaScript Audio Player tutorial we'll build our own custom audio player with JavaScript. There will also be a playlist with our audio player.

We'll make a JavaScript class that constructs a new custom audio player object that we can load our own audio files into.

The class will build all of the HTML markup for us and we just need to add our own custom stylesheet to style the playlist elements which is basically the links to play each song in our player.

The final piece of our JavaScript audio player with playlist will be to create a JavaScript audio visualizer to create a frequency graph based on the audio input that is currently playing.

Enjoy this tutorial on how to audio player in JavaScript!

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OnFileNotWanted • Edited

i was proud of myself getting this up and running im a 50 year old steel erector who experiments with ones and zero's, goes to show,never too old.

thanks for this

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James Bubb

Ha! That's awesome. Did you make any tweaks / improvements?

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OnFileNotWanted • Edited

just a custom image background and added a couple dylan songs :)

image mp4