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CodeLand 2022 is coming in June! Submit Your Talk Today🌈

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The CodeNewbie team is thrilled to share that the tech industry’s friendliest conference for early-career programmers and their mentors is coming back for 2022 as a virtual conference for the third year in a row!

We can't wait to see you all at CodeLand on June 16 & 17, 2022 🎉

Read on for the information you'll need to join us at CodeLand as an attendee — including details on submitting a talk to our call-for-proposals (CFP) which is now OPEN.

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CodeLand 2022 Overview

  • Location: CodeLand will be held virtually on CodeNewbie Community
  • Dates: Thursday, June 16 and Friday, June 17.
  • Time: Six hours per day – 4-10 PM UTC (check out World Time Buddy to convert to your local time zone).
  • Format: A mix of pre-recorded talks, keynotes, interactive activities, and live speaker panels on both days.
  • Structure: Just like last year, the conference will be split between two days. You'll be able to view featured talks on your own time or watch alongside the global community on the livestream with emcee commentary. Keynotes and live-panels will be played on the community stream and distributed afterward for self-paced viewing.
  • Cost: Free access to all keynotes, talks, and panels. (note registration will be required to be eligible to prizes and giveaways and experience CodeLand in its entirety).
  • Registration: Opens on April 26, 2022.

Changes to CodeLand in 2022

  • More Breaks: You spoke, we listened! CodeLand 2022 will feature more frequent and lengthier breaks, allowing you to stretch your legs, grab snacks, and reset without missing a moment of our livestream. As an emcee, I know firsthand how important breaks are 😉
  • Activities: This year, we'll be featuring more opportunities to collaborate and engage in some healthy competition with your peers in real time. We'll be eliminating our hands-on workshops in favor of a more public and open activity format.
  • Streamlined Chat Experience: In 2022, we're planning to polish up the places and ways in which you can chat with speakers, organizers, and other attendees. The goal? A virtual conference that's full of human connection — in real time.

This overview is just the beginning. Stay tuned for more updates on what the event will look like as June approaches.

Talk Submission/CFP Instructions

The CodeLand 2022 Call-For-Proposals (CFP) is now OPEN! This means that you can submit a talk proposal for CodeLand 2022 as of today. Our CFP closes on March 29, 2022 at 11:59 PM UTC.

For instructions, full details, and to submit a CodeLand talk proposal through March 29, 2022 @ 11:59 PM UTC, visit >>

CodeLand CFP FAQ

"What does CFP mean?"

CFP stands for "Call For Proposals". It's a fancy event/academic term used to indicate an open submission period for event talks.

"Who should submit a talk to the CodeLand 2022 CFP?"

CodeLand's primary audience is early-career programmers and their mentors. If you feel you have something valuable to present to this group and you'd like to speak (virtually), we encourage you to submit a talk proposal!

"How can I tell if my talk is the right fit?"

As described above, we're looking for software and career-related talks from people all over the world — and from all different communities! This year, we also have some particular themes that we feel would be especially valuable for the CodeNewbie Community to learn about at CodeLand. If you are curious about submitting a talk, you can learn all about our suggested themes on our CFP site. That said, we believe that the best events for CodeNewbies are diverse in all senses, including subject matter. If you have an idea for a tech-related talk that does not fit into one of our themes, we'd still love to see your proposal.

"Who will be reviewing my talk?"

When it comes to CodeLand, creating a welcoming and inclusive environment is a non-negotiable. That's why we have carefully designed the CodeLand 2022 Program Committee (i.e. the folks reviewing talks) to be balanced in terms of gender, race, ethnicity, and level of coding experience. Our Program Committee includes members of the CodeNewbie Community, the Forem team, and beyond.

The first round of proposal reviews is anonymous, meaning that your name and biographical information will be hidden from reviewers. This is to eliminate bias as we select talks to appear on the CodeLand agenda.

"What if I have a question about the CodeLand CFP?"

If you have any questions about the CodeLand CFP, feel free to drop them below or email us privately at

Important CFP Dates

  • March 1, 2022 – CFP opens
  • March 29, 2022 – CFP closes & reviewing begins
  • April 26, 2022 — CodeLand 2022 talks and program, announced

Where to Find CodeLand Updates

Here's where to get all the latest information about CodeLand 2022...

CodeNewbie Community

We will publish all important updates about CodeLand 2022 right here on CodeNewbie Community in dedicated posts. These individual update posts will be shared under a “CodeLand 2022 Updates” series, which you’ll be able to find via this post – so give this article a save! 🔖


Because DEV and CodeNewbie are so closely related and have many members in common, we will be sharing CodeLand-related updates in a series of brief roundup posts on DEV as well. Depending on the week, these update posts might be full of info, or they might only have one or two reminders. & @codelandconf on Twitter

If you attended CodeLand in previous years, you'll recognize our conference site and Twitter handle. We’ll be publishing basic information about CodeLand on both platforms in the months leading up to the event (like the schedule, speaker announcements and more). Reminder that live CodeLand programming will be taking place right here on CodeNewbie Community, not on

CodeLand 2022 Sponsorship Info

If your company is interested in sponsoring CodeLand 2022, please fill out the form located here. Once we receive your information, you will receive a copy of our sponsorship brochure via email.

Next steps…

  • Register for accounts on DEV and CodeNewbie Community
  • Follow @codenewbies, @thepracticaldev, and @codelandconf on Twitter
  • If you have attended CodeLand in the past and would like to share a testimonial about your experience, simply comment below. We might reference your quote in future CodeLand promotion 😊
  • Don't forget to submit your CodeLand talk by March 29, 2022 @ 11:59 PM UTC!
  • Registration for CodeLand 2022 opens on April 26. Stay tuned!

Cheers to CodeLand 2022: a motivating community gathering for early-career software developers and their champions. 🌈

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Shai Almog

I was looking at submitting a talk about debugging. Developers spend a lot of time in the debugger, yet even seasoned developers don't really know how to use it properly...

Unfortunately it seems this isn't a "tech" conference in the sense I'm used to. I can't find a suitable category to match the topic. I'm glad there's a space for diversity and inclusion but it seems there was very little space left for tech.

Is my subject matter appropriate for this conference?

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Sherry Day


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that's great news

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This is how this post seems to mess up the formatting in the iPad app: