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Hi CodeLand, we're Coderbyte and we're here to help you level up your interview skills.

Coderbyte is the #1 coding challenge platform for interview prep. We offer a collection of code challenges and web development courses that can help you prepare for upcoming job interviews. The coding challenges range in difficulty and they can all be completed straight in our online editor!

We're so excited to be at Codeland, and hope we can help you level up your coding and interview skills. Check us out at and take the Codeland challenge today.

Here's what you can expect (psssst scroll down for a special CodeLand discount):


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If you're excited about our approach to interview prep, then today's your lucky day! Please enjoy 30% off any subscriptions or crash courses with this special CodeLand link.

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to leave a comment down below :)

Top comments (11)

cnickels21 profile image
Chase Nickels

White board interviews are a weakness of mine. I look forward to utilizing this resource to improve my developer skills and hopefully prepare myself to land my first job as a developer! I just made it through my boot camp where I learned C# and dotnet, javascript, SQL and postgres, react, css, html, and various other libraries and frameworks.

rachelnovick profile image
Rachel Novick

Interview prep is so important! What a great resource to practice and improve our skills!!!

drewterry profile image
Drew Terry • Edited

I tried the coderbyte codeland username validation challenge, but I think that one of the test cases is incorrect.

The specs indicate a username length between 4 and 25 characters, but one of the test cases failed because the input "oooooooooooooooooo________a" was supposed to be true. But it is 27 characters. 🤔

Any ideas? Am I missing something?

aprilshenk profile image
April Shenk

I tried out a challenge last night and this is going to be super helpful when I get to the interview part of my journey!

sharettamichele profile image
Sharetta Martin

Awesome resources to add to your arsenal and boost your interview skills in the new age we're in! I'm here for it!

hkishawi profile image
Hanny Kishawi

As a newbie dev currently seeking a jr dev position, this is going to be super helpful!

omarkhatib profile image

Thanks I participate in the challange :) .
Thanks for offering discount also the 1 year prize <3

info5am profile image

Hey Coderbyte, thanks for the fun challenge! I enjoyed it, and I'm excited to try out the platform :)

tfrick47 profile image
Terri Fricker

Is there a series of challenges or just one?

abdirahmanfarah profile image
Abdi Farah

Hey I tried the coderbyte challenge and I think I've got it right.(No errors). Just wondering if by any chance if the prize has already been handed out?

Was a super fun little challenge!

kitarp29 profile image
Pratik Singh • Edited

I am a College Student , pursuing B.E. in India .I have to upskill myself, learn and excel in DSA.I hope this the platform for me.Tried a few questions for now and loving the platform yet