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9 Cool ways to make money as Developer

On this page you'll track down the very most ideal approaches to bring in cash in your extra time while learning to code. None of the 9 techniques recorded here to get some cash rapidly will break the notorious bank. Some are simpler than others, yet virtually all require next to no to no capital. They are intended to get you through the troublesome occasions.

A portion of these methodologies to bring in additional cash will expect you to be in sure regions, while others are area autonomous, yet everything reduces to being clever. We've all wound up in a difficult situation at one point in our lives or another, yet to the individual who's submitted, the sky is the limit.

Selling digital books

Digital books presently sell in the large numbers every year, with a worldwide market worth $18.13 billion starting at 2020. You can write of them yourself, utilize authors, utilize public area content, and make your digital books from numerous sources.

What's more, pretty much any subject can be covered — similarly as many, if not more, than what a conventional distributer may deliver on the grounds that you can tailor your books to specialty markets.

Places for seeling eBooks

  • Amazon KDP
  • Gumroad
  • Personal store(Shopify)
  • Google Play Books

Making money by building SaaS App

Software as a Service, additionally know as SaaS, is a cloud-based assistance where as opposed to downloading programming your work area PC or business organization to run and refresh, you rather access an application by means of a web program. The product application could be anything from office programming to brought together interchanges among a wide scope of other business applications that are accessible.

Most people bounce right to "fabricate what they need" without guaranteeing they have a group of people that needs it, or they assemble what they think their clients need, without really approving their suspicions.

So how do SaaS apps makes money? Is it easy?

No. It's not easy not very hard. It's hard to get the users to use your app.

  • Subscriptions: Subscription revenue model is a normal and has many sub-features
  • Data: No business is free, you'll get some high bucks for selling your data
  • Ads: Not showing ads for some features
  • Free + Premium: Providing free service and and option to upgrade to premium with more features

Job + Freelancing

Getting a suitable and lovel job + freelancing on websites(fiverr, upwork, toptal) will help you inn making more income. For extra income remember you need to hustle.

So how can you make money as freelance?

  • Sign up at freelancing sites (fiverr, toptal, upwork)
  • Start sending proposals to people looking for developers

Remember, you must have an amazing portfolio with your old projects if any.


Chossing a niche you're confident about and writing consistently can get you some extra income. There are many bloggers making 6 figures by just blogging.

So how you can make a blog? (Post coming soon)
If you have a blog, multiple ways of monetizing?

  • Ad networks(, Adsense)
  • Affiliate Marketing(Amazon affiliate)
  • Paid reviews
  • Sponsord Posts
  • Selling online course or eBooks (you'll have an audience so it will be easy)
  • Offering freelance service (you'll have an audience so it will be easy)
  • Web Monetization (Coil, Uphold)

So above I have given you 7 sub-ways to make money by blogging, so implementing all you can make in 6 digits easily. Again blogging is not easy you'll require a lot of understanding and consitency and also quality. (Our post will be coming soon regarding this)


Yes, newsletters can be a way to make money. Maybe six figures🤯. You likely get a few diverse week after newsletters in your inbox every day, except presumably haven't understood that these newsletters are frequently raking in boatloads of cash for their brands through their email marketing.

Newsletters are as yet quite possibly the most remarkable types of computerized showcasing. You can foster an immediate association with your subscribers. Newsletters can bring in cash differently, including advertisement space, subsidiary connections and advancement of your image's items and administrations.

  • Sponsored Content
  • Selling AD Space
  • Donations
  • Selling your own products/services
  • Affiliate marketing

Bug Bounty earning

Bug bounty programs permit autonomous security specialists to report bugs to an association and get prizes or pay. These bugs are generally security adventures and weaknesses, however they can likewise incorporate cycle issues, equipment blemishes, etc.

The reports are commonly made through a program run by a free outsider (like Bugcrowd or HackerOne). The association will set up (and run) a program curated to the association's requirements.

Projects might be private (welcome just) where reports are kept secret to the association or public (where anybody can join and join). They can occur over a set time span or with no closure date (however the subsequent choice is more normal).

List of Bug bounty programs

Open Source Development

A great many people, when they consider open source programming, envision eager and liberal engineers who go through their days and evenings making programming free of charge. For sure, for years and years "open source programming" was inseparable from "free programming." Developing programming with open code through collective endeavor avoided the chance for benefit. However, today there are approaches to benefit from building open source programming (OSS).

Recently, engineers have begun contemplating how to adapt their OSS. We will feature a couple of basic approaches to make benefits from open source programming.

  • Paid support
  • Dual licensing
  • Extra features, extra pay

Developing templates

Coding templates can be an amazing way to make fast cash. The way that you can do this is to go on a portion of the sites like ThemeForest where anybody can sell their templates for a little charge for every each buy. This is basically the same as selling on the web courses. You'll have to invest some energy making the template, however once you transfer it to the web, cash goes totally detached.


An amazing approach to bring in cash as an engineer is to show others how to code. There are various ways that you can do that. The first is to make and sell online courses. You can sell seminars on your own foundation or sell them on places like Udemy or Pluralsight. The second way that you can approach training how to code is to show individuals exclusively, that can be on the web or face to face. In the event that you show individuals thusly, you'll bring in significantly more cash, yet it's not going to be detached. You'll have to exchange your time for cash along these lines, which is the reason a great many people pick the main choice.

Likewise If you pick to show others how to code, you may consider beginning a YouTube channel where you show individuals how to code. That way you can get free publicizing on the off chance that you give quality data.

Always remember creator economy is growing, so you have to. Many things above relate to creating content. Probably in future that will be the only way (except jobs) you can make some extra money.

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