When Job ads look ideal but the interview....

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How many times have you encountered an employment ad which practically 'has your name written in its'?. You check each item on the list and see that the 'requirements' and the 'nice to have' match your education and experience.
Then you write the best cover letter, modify your resume accordingly and send them via e-mail.
Days go by (sometimes only hours) and you receive a response from the company's HR or Hiring Manager. In the conversation/email this person is impressed by your resume and asks to schedule an interview in person on a certain day and at a certain time. You are happy, you accept the agreed date.
When you arrive at the place of the interview, you find a place in which you imagine what it would be like to work there, right? while you are somewhat nervous (something normal) prior to the interview itself.
Once the interview has started and the interviewer(s) start talking about the position shadowing sensations comes to your mind and makes them feel that the position was not for you, why?
-The requirements are the 'nice to have'
-The 'nice to have' are the requirements for the position.
-New requirements appear that maybe you have ... or maybe not.
-Or worst…the interviewer(s) have no idea what the company really needs.

When any of these cases appears in the interview, it is better to clarify if you are misunderstanding things or wasting your time. Keep a printed copy of the ad at hand.

If you misunderstood something just smile, maybe apologize, and continue with the interview.
However, if you notice in the interview the position is not for you it is better to stop, say thank, and leave. Yes, you wasted your time, your resources, and sometimes dreams. Blame them and take it as experience.

I cannot tell if some HR / Hiring Managers are doing that on purpose ( in order to look busy and then justifying their own position at the company) or there were some typos, mistakes, misunderstood, or just because posting a job ad is free nowadays so these people do not care to write the proper ad.

What do you think?

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