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a CPU monitoring software

CoreFreq is designed for the 64-bits Processors.
Last commit adds the Uncore frequency which runs ok with Nehalem and Broadwell processors.
I will appreciate any test return with Intel Skylake, Coffe lake, Haswell, SandyBridge and many other architectures.
(so far, few AMD support beside the basic perf counters).
CoreFreq is an experimental low level project, thus save & close your files before giving a shot.
Disable the NMI watchdog and no VM as prerequisites. Check the instructions in FAQ.
Clone, download source code from the GitHub
Your screenshots are welcomed.

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From AMD families 0Fh, 10h, 11h ... up to Ryzen AMD, new algorithms committed to query P-States or Frequence ID.
Need volunteers to test with such hardware.

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