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🌟 View Google Chrome's Bookmarks Toolbar in Daily

Having bookmarks in browsers is a common thing. We usually have different preferences to hide/show bookmarks toolbar display in browsers. However, by default Google Chrome shows your bookmarks toolbar when you open a new tab.

When you install Daily, however, your new tab is replaced by the extension. In that case, your bookmarks toolbar is not shown whenever you open a new tab. Let me explain with the help of a GIF.

New Tab Bookmarks GIF

🌟 Show Google Chrome's Bookmarks Toolbar in Daily

A couple of times we were asked by our users that how could they keep the bookmarks toolbar in Daily as well. So, we decided to write about it. The answer is pretty simple. You need to enable the option of Show Bookmarks Bar in your browser.

There are two ways mentioned below to toggle the bookmarks bar in Google Chrome.

⌨️ Using Shortcut Keys

Below are the shortcut keys that you can use to toggle bookmark toolbar:

  • For Mac: CMD⌘ SHIFT⇧ B
  • For Windows: CTRL SHIFT B

That's what I do. It allows me to quickly toggle the bookmarks bar. This way, I can easily hide it when I am not using Daily.

👨‍💻 Using Settings Menu

Click on the three dots (⠇) on the top right corner of Chrome. Go to Bookmarks > Show Bookmarks Bar. That's all!

Show Bookmarks in Chrome

🙌 Wrap Up!

That's all. You should be able to see the bookmarks bar in Daily as well. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us.

Stay Safe! ✌️

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