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Step To Setup Sveltejs App

what is svelte

Svelte is a compiler used for creating reactive web app and interfaces. it can be used for creating a small part of a site or simple page application (S.P.A). svelte Is not a framework but a compiler.

How to install svelte

-first step Is to know HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, and install Nodejs (you don't need to have any knowledge on Nodejs. it is just to use npm.)
-open the terminal(c.m.d) and type.

 "npm -g install degit";
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Degit helps to clone the latest commit from a GitHub
-Degit helps to grab the svelte template from the GitHub repo by typing

"degit sveltejs/template my myproject";
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N.b: myproject is the name I give my project so you can name it anything.
After it installs run on text-editor.

Why I Choose Sveltejs.

As a self-learner i found react difficult so someone gave me advice to learn svelte that It will make react easy. I am now in love with it even if it's my first framework. i went through my react tutorial and it's becoming easy thanks very much @htmleverything . You can also try it for those who find react difficult and I promise you that you will not regret it. I shall share more to you guys on my journey on sveltjs.
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