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re: 🎮 CSS Nintendo Switch (Box Shadow & Gradient Practice)
This is brilliant! Great work, Elisabeth.
re: Expo SDK 39 is now available
As always, thanks to you and your team for all of your hard w...
re: How Do You Use Instagram As A Developer?
Nice idea for a post. I use Instagram for hobby photography a...
re: I'm a Software Engineer, wearing a mask, but it’s not COVID-19 related…
Thank you for sharing this, Kenny. Just as Gracie said so kin...
re: Simplify Expo releases with Standard Version
Just this week I started building my app and pushing it to Te...
re: Stop using default console.log, check this instead
Thanks for sharing, Guilherme.
re: What is Deno? Will it replace Node.js?
Thanks for sharing, Ashwin.
re: Which game are you playing right now?
Oooh, I love these threads. Thanks, Helen. Right now, I'm pl...
re: Password max length limits are dumb (but we need them)
Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this, Mitch. A maximum of...
re: For standing desk owners, how do you manage your sit/stand schedule?
I stand the whole time when working but, as I work from home,...
re: Are you using WiFi or Ethernet right now?
The one-room cottage that you built sounds great! I'm fortun...
re: Take 'this' Quiz, Understand How 'this' Works in JavaScript
Thanks for sharing, Annie. That was fun.
re: 20 of the best/largest icon libraries.
Thanks for sharing, Patrik. This is great, especially as r...
re: 13 useful JavaScript array tips and tricks you should know
Great article. Thanks for sharing.
re: Plastic.vim - a dark colorscheme for vim/neovim with low contrast colors for long coding sessions
Thanks for sharing, Florian. I'm giving it a go. So far, so...
re: Neither You nor Your Work Has to be Perfect
Thanks for sharing, Ashlee.
re: Exports and Imports and Defaults, Oh My!
Nice article, Laurie. Thanks for sharing.
re: 8 Productivity Tips for GitHub
Great post, Darren. Thanks for sharing.
re: Decoding the Front-end Interview Process
Thanks for sharing, Emma.
re: Side Project: Water Cooling My PC
Nice work, Moriah. Have fun!
re: 5 Things I Wish I Could Tell My Past Self
Thanks for sharing, Kim. A lot of this resonates with me bu...
re: Welcome Thread - v1
Hi, everyone! I’m a developer in Berlin, Germany. I’m prima...