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re: You are using a lot of PWAs... but just wrapped up in a native app. You could argue that's not a PWA anymore, but I think the idea of making a webs...

I develop apps with Ionic so I get what you mean with "you are already using a lot of PWAs but just wrapped in native apps" 😉.

You are not the first I hear telling me that he/she rather like to use the browser because of the tabs, that's definitely an interesting point.

Finally, I like your positivity to expect more and more such pattern! Thx for your comment.


I mean if you think about it basically every desktop app uses Electron (or something like it) and that's the norm right now. The main qualm people have with this is that it uses way too much ram but this could be solved if they weren't all using a separate Chrome process which I think is a thing that's already a possibility but I'm not sure.

More or less there's an idea that "all Native is the only way" that is really hindering people from ever having a mobile app at all.

Indeed the development of PWAs might be really promising on desktops, specially if projects like Fugu continue to reduce the gab in terms of native features. The access to the file system, once stable, can maybe even be a first milestone to my opinion...let's see ;)

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