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Changing AntD locale dynamically

Hello devs, it's new year and here i'm struggling with React and AntD.
I'm trying to change AntD locale dynamically. As documentation refers, AntD has a context that wraps , its receives 'lang' as a prop.
So here i'm doing this dumb thing:

import i18n from './i18n'

    <ConfigProvider locale={i18n.languages[0]}>
      <App />
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And of course, when i change the language nothing happens, the docs says that we have to set up a local state or so, but i'm really lost there. Any idea?

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Can you put your code in a CodeSandbox ?

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Dennis Quesada Cruz

Thanks Benjioe, i did it. The thing is that i wasnt using a reactive variable to reffer the current lang, so never gets notified that something changed. Anyway thanks!!

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