How to categorize Github stars?

defman profile image Sergey Kislyakov ・1 min read

I star projects that I find interesting and may use later and the amount of pages in my Star page grows. Anyone knows a tool to somehow split them into some categories/group by tags? Thanks.


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I've used Astral in the past for categorizing GitHub stars


Looks good, gonna try it. Thanks!


Why not using something like Pocket and save them there? That way you can categorize them by tags.


If I knew about Pocket at that time, I'd use it probably. I don't want to do that now, though (500+ stars would be pita to process).


If you want to experiment a little bit you can try to use both GitHub’s API and Pocket’s API to automate that process for you. Or maybe someone already did something similar, I haven’t checked.


On the Stars page you can filter the repos based on Languages


It would be awesome to have it as a chrome extension which filters on the stars page.
Anyone's eager to create it?