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Getting started with Angular

Pre-requisites 😇

👉 node & npm i.e. node package manager
👉 angular/cli i.e. command line interface for Angular
👉 Code editor/IDE i.e. VS Code, Sublime or any you prefer

🤔 If you don't have these installed in your machine, let's quickly get it installed.

- installing node & npm 👍

  1. for Windows:
    download link to node binaries

  2. for Ubuntu/Linux or MacOS:
    select your OS to get command

  3. command for installation using package manager through terminal

Node.js v14.x:

# Using Ubuntu
curl -sL | sudo -E bash -
sudo apt-get install -y nodejs

Verify with the below commands that node and npm fire below commands

# Using Ubuntu
node -v
npm -v

- Let's get your hand dirty 🖐️

Now, we have our npm (node package manager) installed, we can use it to install Angular in our system.
Use below command to install Angular CLI

npm install -g @angular/cli

verify if Angular CLI is installed successfully, fire below command

ng v

it must look something like below:
angular version in terminal

- Now, we will create our first Angular project

We need to fire below command in our terminal/command prompt to create our project

ng new angular-app

Here, ng new is used to create new project and angular-app is your Angular project name.

It will create Angular project with default template provided by Angular itself. To have a quick look on it, we can goto our browser and visit default url served by Angular i.e. http://localhost:4200

Now, we need to point our terminal to Angular project, to achieve this use this command

cd angular-app

As of now, we are in our Angular project folder. We can use below command to serve our application to the browser

# to just serve and visit http://localhost:4200
ng serve

# to serve it on it's default browser
ng serve -o


Wow 🤩, we just created an Angular application. It was super easy, isn't it.


- Find the helping visuals 🎬 below here:

We are open for contribution 🤝 CodeCasm

❤️ Happy coding ❤️

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