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The Ultimate List of Job Hunting Resources for Software Developers Part 2: Apply For Jobs and Manage Your Applications

I've compiled and curated a list of job hunting resources for software developers, it covers resources for writing resumes, applying and managing job applications, efficient ways to prepare for coding interviews, resources to learn system design, you can download the free PDF here.

For this post, I am going to share resources that you can use in applying for jobs and tools to manage your applications:

Where to apply for jobs

There are some popular job postings aggregator sites:

  • LinkedIn: I would say LinkedIn has most of the job postings for tech, and they often give you one month free premium trial, you can use that to see more analytics about an opportunity
  • Indeed and Glassdoor: Still being used by many companies
  • AngelList: more towards startup jobs
  • Hired: more towards startup jobs

Don't forget referrals

The job posting aggregator sites are great, but if you can get someone to refer you to a position, it usually has abetter response rate, trying to reach out to your network for potential referrals is always a good thing to do.

How to manage multiple applications

If you are applying for multiple positions, you probably want to manage all these job applications with a tool or system to track progress and keep notes:

  • Huntr: a great tool to manage your job search, the free tier should be sufficient for individual usage
  • Notion: a powerful tool to write and collaborate, for example, you can use it to summarize knowledge for coding interview, write down behavior stories and ask your friends to provide feedback. You can also find beautiful notion templates to get started faster.
  • Todoist: What's powerful about Todoist as todo app is its natural language todo creation and advanced filter views to track todo tasks

If you have seen resources that helped your job hunting process, leave a comment and share with more people :)

Next post I will go over how to prepare for coding interviews efficiently. Stay tuned!

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