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Bachelor in CSE

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Twitter accounts for Apple, Elon Musk and Bill Gates were hacked

I think this is the only time Apple has tweeted from its offi...

Which Techie Are You?


Top 3 Tools For Boosting Your Productivity

I'd like to add OneNote to this list. I am using a windows ...

How I chose my Code Editor

Started my first programming with Turbo C, then onto visual...

Tools that make me fast and productive

Yeah, VS code is better than sublime.

Recomendations in choosing a Linux distro

The latest windows 10 will run ubuntu, fedora, suse Linux s...

How to Supercharge your Learning of New Technologies

Super Useful.

Why I switched from Atom to Visual Studio Code

I switched from Sublime text to Pycharm as I mostly work with...

How do you arrange your screens/multiple desktops?

I just have a laptop, so no problem here.

Jupyter Notebooks are The Business

I just started to work with jupyter notebook, and I'm finding...

There's so much great content, but not enough time?

I can relate to this.There's just so much to learn everyday a...

The Story of Two Incredibly Productive Days of Coding

Great job.

What's your dev machine setup? (hardware, OS, accessories, etc.)

I'm Running i7 7th gen processor with 8 gigs of RAM and a pre...

What's your dev machine setup? (hardware, OS, accessories, etc.)

What machine are you going to buy?