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Quest DB - My experience at QuestDB during Hacktoberfest

Where did I find about "QuestDB" ?

Well it was mid of #Hacktoberfest when I got to know about the Quest DB from this site

How was my experience ?

My experience was was amazing! Actually in their swag referral program I was entitled for the Level - 1 Swag but after few days of hacktoberfest, I got an email from QuestDB community manager, stating due to some problems with manufacturer they will be sending me a T-shirt withinh the DEC 2021!!!! XD .


I got my swag in the month of Nov 2021 only, but I didn't had the time to write a blog about this

What is QuestDB

QuestDB is the fastest open source time series database
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and ofc they are amazing, even for my college projects we now use the Quest DB! Yup its that amazing!
You could know more about them from these links:

  1. site
  2. questdb/questdb
  3. docs
  4. community page #Here about info their swag referral program is mentioned
  5. slack
  6. stackoverflow
  7. twitter

My Quest DB Swag

My Quest DB swag

GitHub logo questdb / questdb

An open source time-series database for fast ingest and SQL queries

QuestDB Logo


QuestDB community Slack channel QuestDB open source contributors QuestDB on Apache Maven

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QuestDB is an open-source time-series database for high throughput ingestion and fast SQL queries with operational simplicity. It supports schema-agnostic ingestion using the InfluxDB line protocol, PostgreSQL wire protocol, and a REST API for bulk imports and exports.

QuestDB is well suited for financial market data, application metrics, sensor data, real-time analytics, dashboards, and infrastructure monitoring.

QuestDB implements ANSI SQL with native time-series SQL extensions. These SQL extensions make it simple to correlate data from multiple sources using relational and time-series joins. We achieve high performance by adopting a column-oriented storage model, parallelized vector execution, SIMD instructions and low-latency techniques. The entire codebase is built from the ground up in Java and C++, with no dependencies and zero garbage collection.

Try QuestDB

We provide a live demo provisioned with the latest QuestDB…

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