Having issues with Gatsby and Netlify CMS

dillionmegida profile image Dillion Megida ・1 min read

I recently discovered how powerful JAM Stack is and how CMS made it easy for managing sites (especially managing blogs).

I also run a personal blog and found this interesting.

I followed the documentation on the how-to and I have the CMS running. When I make changes in the CMS, it creates pull requests and on publishing, it merges the request.

The issue I have now is that even after deployment, I don't see the new articles on the Netlify domain given to me. (But there are changes in my GitHub repository)

I need help please


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I may be wrong, but as Gatsby serves static websites and gather all the data when building, you might want to rebuild your production website so it can retrieve the newly added content.


Could you please explain what you mean by rebuilding my production website?


I'm sorry, I didn't explained properly 😅

How did you managed to host your website on netlify ? (there are multiple ways to do so)

Currently, I am using a .netlify.com domain for testing. When I get things right, I would use a customized domain.

Ok. Is your CMS properly linked to your gatsby website ? Maybe this is what is causing the issue.
I am sorry if this doesn't help you that much, as I am quite new to using Gatsby as well.

Well, the CMS is properly linked. It also makes and merges pull requests in my repository on github. When i check the targetted folder, I also see the new file.

What I guess is the file is added, but the page is not created.

Locally, when i add new files (articles .md), the page is instantly created.

I appreciate your assistance

In that case, that may be because locally, Gatsby creates automatically the pages because it facilitates the development process. Maybe your netlify website needs a new build, as it may not have recieved the new modifications.

I didn't add anything new after installing netlify cms though. Or what should I consider?

I didn't make any new modifications aside installing netlify cms.

Could you please explain whay you mean by new build for netlify?