How Do You Manage School and Remote Work?

dillionmegida profile image Dillion Megida ・1 min read

I'm in my finals and want to secure a remote job before rounding up.

But I'm scared of the difficulty in keeping up with the two.

Anyone with opinions or ideas, I'd appreciate if you share. Thanks.


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Well currently I have working remotely with a company outside my country and I am in my penultimate year in the university. I am even study a course far from computer science. I am studying Music and am working remotely as a backend developer. What I have learnt so far is to manage my time appropriately


How did you get the remote work was it through referral or what?


What about online meetings which your company may call for and you're busy with a test or so?

How do you manage that?


The backend team meet online every Friday 7-8pm and the whole team meet 7-8pm every Saturday. Though most of the time so I know how to fix other things not to affect the meeting time

Do they know that you're in school?

If yes,
Did they agree to pardon you a little?

Yes...They know am in school in fact the company intentionally employed 3 of us in the backend team as a student. The job is like an internship kinda thing

Alright...thanks a lot for your reply