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What are the Photo Organizers?

Multimedia Organizers functions

  • They currently perform the search in photo set by organizing the photos based on their date, location, categories, etc.;
  • They suggest to create a folder structure and put the files on it;
  • They make automation for the import of the new photos into IR Multimedia Systems.

Also they make photo albums more searchable (that is driven by IR Multimedia Systems) by enriching the metadata (and improving its consistency) with minimal human involvement.

    Therefore, they are chosen as a subject for the overview and comparison.
This provides the list of Photo Organizers for professional photographers and those organizers can be used by a usual user with a big photo album.
There are even relevant online courses available to guide the user how to organize the photos.
The more detailed comparison of photo organizers is provided by Wikipedia and available here.

Multimedia Organizer

Multimedia Organizer requirements

  • They shall be able to identify of inconsistent or not existing photo metadata;
  • They shall be able to suggest the ways to solve the inconsistency and absence;
  • The most automated approach possible should be used because a user is going to work with a large number of items;
  • A toolset available for a usual user and not for the enterprises shall be used as well.
  • They shall provide integration with such Multimedia IR Systems like digiKam and Synology Moments.

Multimedia Organizer approaches to create folder structure

  • The idea is to avoid photos having the same file name in the folder.
  • The folder name can be something like Date_Shoot-Type_Event Name;
  • It can also include a location or any other information the user wants;
  • In such a way the user can create subfolders based on the number of photographers or cameras;

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ZoyaThobe • Edited

This site also help turn your love of photos into a business. ادعية لرجوع الزوج لزوجته

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Dima Nikulin

@zoyathobe Thank you a lot for a link!